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lapaquette episode

On this episode of The Workplace Communication Podcast, we talk about:• The magic of seeing leadership as a gift that’s been given to you • The power of attuning to other people’s signals • How you can attain maximum growth by owning your responsibility as a leader • What goes into creating psychologically safe and healthy workplaces • Stepping away from viewing leadership as commanding others • Taking concrete steps towards becoming a more conscious leader and more! Listen to the episode here!

lapaquette episode

In this episode with Kristen Harcourt, we discuss: • Why self-leadership is the most powerful form of leadership • Actions you can take to become the CEO of your life • Understanding that as a leader, what you say MUST align with what you do • Why Conscious Leadership is about loving how you live, work and play • How the IDARE framework supports leadership development in organizations • Why DEI in companies and communities will never happen until leaders begin to model these beliefs as guiding principles, and more! Listen to the episode here!

roxanne conscious conversation

The events of the past year have led to some very frank discussions about systemic racism and the effects it has on today’s society.  This in turn has created the space for conversations directed around diversity and inclusion at home and in the workplace.  On this episode of Authentic Living with Roxanne, we welcome Phyllis Reid-Jarvis to have a conversation about how leaders can guide their teams through tough conversations and what employees can do to help themselves. Listen to the episode here!

habits workbook

Identifying the subtle habits that control your life will help you make changes that bring your desired outcomes to reality. In this workbook, we look at why habits are important, and some tools you can use to start managing your habits right away. Fill out the form below to download the Habits Workbook!

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pay what you can coaching

Now, as we all take these first tentative steps toward recovering and rebuilding, Ultimate Potential’s recognizes the need for critical resources. We have created the  Pay What You Can  Coaching GrantThis is a pool of funds Ultimate Potentials has set aside to support you and your business as you recover and rebuild. Download more information here.

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pathways to creating and sustaining healthy family

Current global disruptions have impacted the work of organizations and the lives of their employees’ families. We know that healthy families and individuals are the foundation of healthy and profitable organizations. This manual is packed with powerful strategies and tools that when used, prepare families and organizations with the opportunity to do better than survive, and instead Thrive!

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working remotely

To help you and your employees adapt to the new ‘workplace’; we introduce the Managing A Remote Workforce manual. It includes managing the New Normal Remote Workplace.  Now more than ever, it’s critical that organizations increase top and bottom-line revenues.This manual prepares you to do so by supporting you to successfully manage a remote workforce.

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