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Pathway #4: Pathways for Successful Future Work

Introduction & Program Overview

To create and sustain healthy families and organizations, sustainable structural pathways are needed in work and life. These pathways must extend their reach globally, nationally, and locally. For them to be sustainable, they must be felt by all peoples. The individual employee must feel and believe these structures benefit them and their families and communities.

Managing a diverse workplace requires skill sets beyond that required to manage a homogenous workplace where everyone looks, speaks, sounds, and appears to be the same. NOTE! Even in homogenous workplaces, leaders will need to know how to manage individual needs in order to gain as a collective.

The five Modules in Pathway#4 help leaders and their organization confidently and successfully better meet the needs of the Next Generation of Employees (NGEs):









Foundation 1- Critical Consciousness for Leading the 21st Century Workforce-this module uses current data to support leaders and their organizations answer the 4 questions NGEs are asking potential and current employers. It provides clear leadership coaching and training support so that leaders lead confidently and skillfully in a diverse, dispersed and more psychologically demanding workforce.


Foundation 2 - Cultural & Social Competency: Inclusion vs Exclusion-this module is designed to support leaders to take their current policies and practices in alignment with the needs of NGEs.


Foundation 3 -Organizational Culture & Psychological Health & Safety: For People Centered Organizations- this module supports leaders and their organization to answer and prepare for how to strategically create and sustain an organizational culture where all employees feel safe and supported in showing up as their whole selves.


Foundation 4 - Leading with the 5 Predictors of Competency: Developing Employees for Successful Employment-this module uses the 6 Critical Strategic Criteria HR departments need to know in order to be seen and experienced as best in class by NGEs. Leaders are supported to focus on key onboarding and retention strategies known to attract and keep the best talents.


Foundation 5 - Knowledge Transfer (KT) for Successful Future Work Using the I.D.A.R.E. Strategic Coaching Model- in this module, leaders are engaged in a practical exercise of Knowledge Transfer (KT). This module builds on the concepts of KT being a two-way street and that it operates on a supply and demand principle thus, leaders are coached on how to watch out for knowledge-seeking, how to be ready and better able to transfer the relevant kind of knowledge at the right time. This ensures re-use of the knowledge and thus true knowledge transfer. This is critical for building sustainable pathways to successful future work.

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