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The Let’s Talk Seminar Series Covers Everything You Need To Thrive In The 21st Century Workplace

These 1-hour complimentary seminars are perfect lunch time or after work learning opportunities for leaders seeking practical and sustainable ways to support their employees during times of great change.



Seminar #1: Let’s Talk About ‘Conscious’ Leadership

“The survival of the wolf depends on the pack and the survival of the pack depends on the wolf” - Rudyard Kipling

Humans can learn so much from nature, especially wolves. Wolves are among some of the most inclusive, innovative, intellectually stimulating, and playful animals. When leaders embody these transformational leadership traits-they become conscious leaders.

This seminar engages participants to use key principles taught to us by wolves to extend the impact of their leadership. Everyone is a leader. Whether by a formal title or informally by how we show up in the world. This means everyone has a leadership style that they tend to gravitate toward, especially when called upon to lead at work or at home.

This seminar uses key improv techniques along with individual exercises and small group activities. We create awareness of how much there is to be gained by becoming conscious leaders who know they thrive because of their constituents and that their constituents thrive because of them. Participants will leave with some practical tools for use in incorporating the conscious leadership principles in their workplaces and homes.

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Seminar #2: Let’s Talk About Diversity

This seminar engages participants in examining their unconscious biases as a start to laying the foundation for understanding diversity. We all have unconscious biases. We all unknowingly make decisions based on these biases. With workplaces and families becoming increasingly diverse in both forms of diversity: invisible diversity such as gender identification and sexual orientation as well as visible diversity, such as different ethnic groups; this seminar is a catalyst for getting us talking about these important human and societal topics that impact us all directly or indirectly. We use some improv techniques along with individual exercises and small group activities to create awareness.  Participants will leave with some practical tools for use in starting to build a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace. 

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Seminar #3: Let’s Talk About Psychologically Safe & Healthy Workplaces

Regardless of industry, organizations cannot escape the impact that mental health has on their bottom line. Current realities of working remotely, essential workers on the front-line and countless other factors such as the melding of work and personal life in one space, can and do increase the impact of poor mental health and well-being.

In this seminar we engage employers and employees in talking about workplace psychological health and safety. What do we all need in order to navigate the virtual and physical workplaces in a psychologically healthy and safe way? How do employers address the needs of those employees entering the workforce and are asking for better work-life flow? We use some improv techniques along with individual exercises and small group activities to create awareness. Participants will leave with some practical tools for use in starting to build workplaces that are experienced as being psychologically safe and healthy.

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