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Conscious Leadership Program

Why Invest in The IDARE Work Program?

We are business owners, and we manage employees. Just like you, we also work to achieve our own organizational goals. We understand your challenges and your business needs.

Choosing to work with us means engaging with an external team that is willing to walk alongside you all the way. It means having a team that is willing to give you the best support to achieve your goals, a team that truly understands the challenges you face and is excited to support you in achieving your goals.

By choosing to work with us, your organization will experience the power behind our IDARE Work learning platform. With a full suite of products and services built on 6 key areas, we are confident that you will find value in working with us.

The Conscious Leadership Program encourages leaders to engage in a strategic thinking process that allows them to narrow their focus, resources and energies reflective of the organization’s intention.

Coaching in the Conscious Leadership Program supports leaders to develop strategies AND execute at the same time. 

The coaching tools explored in the Conscious Leadership Program are designed to help participants put the theory of leadership and management into practice.

Our IDARE Work learning platform delivers on its promises in the following 4 key areas:

1. Conscious Leadership:
■ Lead with vision and respect.
■ Coach & develop employees to be assets vs. liabilities. 
■ Leaders consistently demonstrate transformational leadership principles.

2. Emotional Intelligence:
■ Assess and survey your people for blind spots and allied strengths.

3. Mindfulness & Interpersonal Relationships:
■ Equip employees with the power of meditation, mindfulness, and knowledge of personality types to build an organization that is a desirable place to work for the next generation of employees.

4. Master Mind Group Sessions:
■ To bring together two or more individuals to blend and coordinate their minds to create ONE MASTER MIND capable of doing and achieving far more than their individual minds.