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Why Join the IDARE Work Community?

Our IDARE Work Community provides employees with a space at work that allows for the development of their personal well-being and professional growth. It provides employees with a platform on which to discuss the things that matter most to them, such as well-being, professional growth, personal goals such as a social network, and of course, ways in which to fulfill their financial and professional goals.

Our IDARE Work Community allows for instant feedback for employees from their peers, managers, and our coaches. This is a key growth strategy from which organizations will reap great rewards.

When you invest in a community such as IDARE Work, the space is designed for employees to receive instant feedback on their ideas, overall performance, concerns, and challenges. This resonates well with the next generation of employees, as they are accustomed to constant communication and feedback.

Interactions with managers and leaders in your organization shape the perception of your company.

59% Of Millennials Report That Opportunities To Learn And Grow Are Extremely Important To Them When Applying For A Job. - 2016 Gallup Report

Frequent and consistent communication will help keep your employees engaged and focused.

Our IDARE Work Community is flexible and allows for various groups to ‘meet up’ based on their interests. Our coaches are experts at working alongside employees across all positions and titles within an organization. We are adept at providing support in the development of their IDARE Work Communities. We are experienced in working with employees from the ‘C-Suite’, middle level managers, front-line managers, and supervisors as well all employees—with or without titles.

With each passing year, the data shows the economic power of the next generation of employees continues to grow. Providing a community at work for this generation of employees, will help your organization better understand them and consequently harness their contribution to the growth of your organization.

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