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Ultimate Potentials: Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision: To be the providers and supporters of true work/life FLOW by removing the traditional divide between work and life. Instead, we focus on supporting organizations and families to FLOW seamlessly between work and life.

Our Mission: That IDARE Work learning platform be the first choice by organizations to support the growth and development of their employees: because people matter.

Our Mission: To use IDARE Life coaching platform to support families and couples become better partners to each other-because families matter.

Our Values:

  1. We believe that employees, families, individuals & people, in general, are key contributors to successful organizations and communities
  2. We believe that emotionally intelligent employees, families, and individuals are the starting points for living and working to full potential
  3. We believe a strong foundation is necessary for successful organizations-families, individuals and communities are the foundation
  4. We believe that true organizational and family success begins with one emotionally healthy person at a time

phyllis headshot

Phyllis is an experienced international executive coach who works with organizations and individuals to realize their full potential. With a focus on employee and organizational success, she helps businesses sharpen their skills by coaching them on how to operationalize what they have learned in training.



Phyllis Reid-Jarvis
David Braun

David is a certified Mediator who holds bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Conflict Resolution and a Master of Science in Organizational Psychology. For the past 20 years, he has been known as an exciting and informative consultant, whose perceptive and practical insights empower leaders to excel and grow.

David Braun
Resident Coach & Trainer
Asante Jarvis

Asante is responsible for spreading Ultimate Potential's message online. He is an experienced writer who helps people create engaging content campaigns. Asante is behind Ultimate Potential's videos, articles & social media presence.

Asante Jarvis
Content Manager
David Carey

David holds a Masters of Arts in Leadership degree, an ACC designation with the International Coaching Federation and is certified in emotional intelligence. As both trainer and coach, David’s practical, insightful style challenges clients to examine their perceptions and connect their vision with their values.

David Carey
Resident Coach & Trainer
Mariah Jarvis

Mariah Jarvis is a freelance editor and writer. She has a degree in English literature from Saint Mary’s University and lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia with her partner and their two cats.

Mariah Jarvis
IDARE Life Writer

Evelyn holds a Master’s in Communication Management. She is an experienced Communication specialist who helps people to build bridges between Ultimate Potential’s and their clients. Evelyn is behind the social media and communication strategy.

Evelyn Orlovitz
Communications, Social Media & Marketing

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