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Enhance Your Career

The coaches at Ultimate Potentials will help you thrive at work, by supporting you as you develop specific goals and clear paths on how to create a mutually satisfying and beneficial work experience. Our coaches will work with you to develop the know-how for building and preserving your psychological safety and that of your colleagues at work. As well, our coaches will work alongside you to create strategies for successfully managing the 4-psycho-social factors that impact work and your ability to thrive.

The IDARE Coaching Framework©  will help you learn how to ask powerful questions, have difficult conversations, and keep yourself moving forward.

Performance coaching is a science that uses clear, measurable, and repeatable processes that help you bring your desired outcomes to life.

Coaching is not therapy or counselling. Our coaches work with you to create a plan, set goals, and identify actions that you need to take to bring your desired results to reality.

How Does the IDARE Life Program Work?

Our clients benefit from high quality, customizable, results-based, professional and credible coaching products and services through the IDARE Life learning platform.

The IDARE Life learning platform is available as:

  1. On-the-ground face-to-face
  2. Individual private coaching sessions
  3. Monthly 90-minutes "Your Best Life" group sessions
  4. In-person 1-day retreats
  5. Master Mind Group sessions that allow you to connect and grow with others
  6. Communities of practice in which you are encouraged to choose your community to build powerful and sustainable relationships

The above are delivered in a virtual platform for those who prefer a virtual arena or are unable to attend in-person.

By using current evidence on how to build workplaces that are psychologically safe and healthy, our coaches will extend this to you-the individual worker.