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Why Invest in The IDARE Life Program? 

We are a team of individuals who have likely walked the paths that you and your family are walking on right now. We have lived and weathered many of the storms you are currently facing. We work with you from a place of empathy, professionalism, and deep compassion. We implement a strong understanding of you, your challenges, and your goals.

The IDARE Life program is a results-based whole life-based coaching program. It is designed specifically for families and individuals who want a different approach to achieving health, well-being, and personal and professional success in all aspects of life.

Your Family Structure. We See Families As Unique, No Matter The Makeup Or Challenges You Might Face.

IDARE Life Is A Program That Focuses Solely On The Well-Being And Success Of Families, Couples And Individuals.

Your Ultimate Potentials Leads To A Path To Freedom From Your Fears And Limiting Belief

By investing in The IDARE Life program, here are some of the benefits you stand to gain:

  1. Improved management of stress, anxiety, and other mental health challenges
  2. Ability to create psychological safety both at home and at work
  3. Improved ability to support children and young adults’ journeys to becoming emotionally
    healthy adults
  4. Improved ability to develop and maintain healthy personal, marital, and family relationships
  5. Improved ability to live well now, while creating a desired future for oneself and your family by 
    • Applying the 4 determinants of behaviour to challenging issues
    • Applying the FLOW approach to create desired results specific to identified issues
    • Applying IDARE to create desired outcomes for specific issues
    • Applying the 7 coaching tools to specific issues to create desired results