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Why Invest in the IDARE Work Program?

Technical skills may get you hired. Soft skills will keep you hired. Soft skills coupled with technical skills will help you thrive in your career. The primary goal of the IDARE Work program is to shine a bright light on why emotional intelligence and overall self-awareness are critical factors for success in your career.

Through use of powerful coaching and mindfulness practices, our skilled coaches will use the tools of the IDARE Work leadership development program to support you and your career. Our coaches will create a space to support you as you develop the confidence and know-how necessary for building strong bridges between you and your colleagues, your reporting manager, customers, and clients.

IDARE Work Gets You Taking Advantage Of The Power Of Clarity And Action.

You Will Increase Your Ability To Identify Areas For Growth And How To Overcome Distractions And Roadblocks.

IDARE Work Is A Proven Framework You Can Use To Achieve Everything You Desire.

How Does the IDARE Work Program Work?

With the experience from our international work with organizations, as well individuals like you, our team of coaches know first-hand what it takes for employees to consistently succeed in achieving their career goals. The success of organizations is built on having emotionally intelligent individuals.

Our coaches use the IDARE Work leadership development program to walk you through an assessment process. You will quickly know if your goals, values, as well as your work and the work culture, are in alignment with your choice of career.

You will benefit from high quality, customizable, results-based, professional, and credible coaching products and services through the IDARE Work leadership development program.


The IDARE Work leadership development program is available as:

  1. On-the-ground face-to-face individual private coaching sessions OR
  2. Virtual one-on-one private coaching sessions
  3. The IDARE Work leadership development program is delivered primarily in a virtual platform
  4. Master Mind group sessions that allow you to connect and grow with others
  5. Communities of practice in which you are encouraged to build powerful and sustainable relationships


After investing in the IDARE Work program here are a few things you will:

  • Have greater clarity in the purpose of your work and how best to inspire a shared vision and embrace your organization’s vision
  • Develop increased confidence in building positive relationships with direct reports, senior managers, shareholders, and customers—no matter how diverse they may be
  • Experience greater confidence working as part of a team by learning how to build relationships based on mutual trust and respect
  • Experience a greater sense of true work-life FLOW