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“What would you say if you were told you have the solutions to any challenge you might be facing?”

IDARE Life Program

Families come in all different shapes and sizes. Regardless of the structure, all families face challenges and obstacles. Ultimate Potentials gives you the tools you need to build and maintain strong connections with your family and friends.

Ultimate Potential’s IDARE life program helps families weed out negative influences, address fears, and improve confidence in each other. Ultimate Potentials introduces you to powerful life tools and strategies you can use to manage conflict within your family while building nurturing and healthy relationships. See how we can help you strengthen your family here.

"What do you want present in your life? How will you know when you have it?”

IDARE Life Program

All relationships are destined to grow and evolve. Things have probably changed in your relationship since the honeymoon phase, where your partner's presence was simply enough to keep you happy. As your relationship evolves through challenges such as mortgages, career struggles, expectations from social media, and not to mention children - you’ll need the right tools and strategies to help navigate your relationship.

Ultimate Potentials introduces you to powerful life tools and strategies that help you keep a healthy perspective while learning and growing together. You’ll learn how to still have fun as a couple - even when you have disagreements! Knowing how to navigate challenges as a team with your life partner is a skill that will enhance your overall happiness and mutual sense of connectedness. Click here to learn more about how to be happy together.

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

Henry Ford

Building a successful career requires more than just being skilled at your job. Learning how to work with people, how to manage conflict, and how to be a leader in your position-with or without a title- are intangible and invaluable skills that will set you up for professional success. Ultimate Potentials introduces you to tools and techniques that help you strengthen your work relationships, increase positive interactions all the while, supporting you to flourish in your career.

Our leadership development program introduces you to powerful and time-proven leadership tools and strategies; all designed to support your growth in becoming a better leader, colleague, and overall employee. These are the metrics that indicate a thriving and successful career. See how Ultimate Potentials can take your career to the next level here.

“Why do we get orange juice when we squeeze an orange? Because that’s what’s in it! ”

IDARE Life Program

Ultimate Potential’s individual services will help you make progress with your relationships, your career, and the overall direction and purpose of your life. Our personal journeys can feel lonely at times, especially if we’re not sure where to turn for help. Our individual services introduce you to powerful techniques you can use to navigate challenges in your life.

Addressing your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical pillars are four essential parts of laying a foundation for a fulfilling life. Ultimate Potentials introduces you to tools and techniques you can use to start a business, enhance personal relationships, or bring to life the desires you have in your mind. See how we can help accelerate your personal growth here.

“Psychological health…our ability to think, feel and behave in a manner that enables us to to perform effectively in our work environments, our personal lives, and in society at large”

Guarding Minds at Work

Thriving at work includes approaching your job functions and your workplace with clarity, meaning, and confidence. Anxiety and depression are the two most common mental disorders facing Canadians right now. According to the Canada Life’s GuardingMinds @ Work research, evidence shows a supportive work environment reduces the onset, severity, impact, and duration of mental disorders.

At Ultimate Potentials, we use powerful performance coaching tools and strategies to help you thrive at work. Our programs and courses introduce you to the 5 components of emotional intelligence, powerful mindfulness practices along with key strategies for creating a psychologically safe and healthy workplace that will help you thrive at work. Find how we can help you enhance your work life here.

Create Momentum Towards Your Goals

Use the ideas in these videos to move you towards achieving your Ultimate Potentials.

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Why Choose Us?

Ultimate Potentials gives you the chance to interact with like-minded people who are using the power of coaching and training to take control of their relationships, finances, health, and careers.

Ultimate Potentials is here to provide a safe and empowering environment to discuss different tools and techniques you can use to enhance your overall life and your business.

Ultimate Potential's Thrive! community will help you maintain momentum by exposing you to a culture where you'll find people who share similar thoughts, feelings, and experiences. They too just like you, are seeking solutions, inspiration and know-how for living their best life possible. These are just a few of the benefits of choosing to work with Ultimate Potentials!

Benefits Of Working With Ultimate Potentials


Ultimate Potentials helps you sharpen your focus using mindfulness, leadership, spirituality, and strategy tools to put you on the path towards your goals. Our programs and courses help you address both professional and personal dreams in a healthy way. We can help you prevent procrastination and develop clarity that will put you on the path towards your goals.

Take Action

Putting your plans into action can be a difficult first step that prevents many people from making progress. Ultimate Potentials’ personal and professional coaching will give you guidance and clarity on how to move towards your aspirations. We provide you with the skills that leave you feeling equipped and confident enough to pursue your goals.

Build Healthy Relationships

Creating awareness of emotional intelligence concepts is one way Ultimate Potentials helps you connect with the people in your life. Developing skills such as asking questions and learning how to take the emotional temperature of a room, will serve you in both your personal and professional life. We introduce you to tools and techniques for strengthening the connections in your life.

Conquer Fear

Fear and trauma are powerful things that hold many people back from achieving their UltimatePotentials. Learning how to deal with fear and limiting thoughts in a healthy way is a powerful way you can improve your life. Ultimate Potentials offers a safe, non-judgemental, and empowering learning experience that will result in you conquering your fears.

Use Your Community For Support

Developing connections with diverse people is a powerful way to build a foundation for personal and professional growth. Our IDARE Life community gives you access to private information on coaching, mindfulness, and personal growth. Here, you will build relationships with people by using powerful tools to create change and improvement in your life.


What if during times of conflict and disagreement or those times you need to make major life-altering decisions, you felt equipped, skilled, and confident to have crucial conversations with yourself and the people around you? Finding FLOW is a coaching strategy we help you master, which will, in turn, help you navigate difficult situations in your life.


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