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The Certified Unconscious Bias Coach Program (CUBCP) is an 8-week synchronous and asynchronous program designed to coach and train you everything you need to know about how to cultivate awareness of bias in yourself and your clients.


ICF Continuing Coach Education Credits

This CUBCP curriculum has been approved by the International Coach Federation. Graduates of CUBCP are eligible to receive 48 hours of continuing education credits. 26 Core hours and 22 resource hours.

Welcome to the Certified Unconscious Bias Coaching Program

You are about to embark upon a unique, life-altering coach development experience. Given current global changes impacting the environment, different groups of peoples, and organizations, the CUBCP is a first of its kind being offered to a new generation of coaches. The CUBCP is for coaches who want to meaningfully respond to the impact of long-standing systemic and structural biases on peoples’ mental, social, economic, and overall well-being. 

Consider the CUBCP if:

  • You are ready to address current global and local issues that create inequities for some peoples.

  • You are seeking a credible and relevant way to help empower others to live, work, and play at their full potential.

  • You desire to be a voice that helps prepares others to participate more equitably in the world by starting with your local community and organizations.

  • You are seeking credible, impactful tools to support your own coaching practice and thus set your business apart.

  • You are ready to transform yourself and your coaching to keep in step with the ever changing world.

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The CUBCP is grounded in the latest evidence-based social justice, public health, critical theories, business, and workplace psychological health and safety practices.  Over the 8-week program, the CUBCP addresses all the core competencies of unconscious bias and coaching.

In the Certified Unconscious Bias Coach Program you will:


Coach Unconscious Bias

During the 8-week program, the CUBCP focuses on preparing you to have a strong foundational understanding of:

Bias and

How to use the best practices of public health, social justice, and critical theories in your coaching practice.

You will work with your fellow participants to practice coaching with the foundational tools, to engage in empowering and respectful dialogue.


Acquire & Practice Powerful Tools

As coaches, our clients look to us to model the very behaviours we are coaching them to recognize in their own selves.

To best be fully present for our clients, means we must first be fully present for our selves.

This allows us to coach from a deeper level of knowing and awareness.

You will use these powerful tools in this program to enhance your: 1. Self-awareness 2. Mental and emotional mastery 3. Intentional reflexivity.


What You Will You Learn:

The Certified Unconscious Bias Coach Program uses its competency-based curriculum that incorporates the principles of public health: assessment, evaluation, and assurance along with the principles of social justice: unearthing the roots of inequity, the pillars of bias, the system of racism-all steep in best practices of understanding and correcting for unconscious bias.


By the end of the program you will be able to:

1. Establish the Foundation of the course

  • Use the 3 basic tools of improvisation:

    • Listen attentively and intentively

    • Accept with a yes, and…

    • Send back an offer

  • Use the 3 basic tools of improvisation to be critically conscious and  sensitive to clients’ diversity, equity, and inclusion needs

  • Use the coaching process of ‘holding council’ to create an environment that honours diversity, is equitable and inclusive of clients’ experiences, values, and beliefs

2. Cultivate Trust & Safety

  • Create a safe and supportive environment that fosters diverse perspectives by being inclusive and allowing clients to share freely

  • Increase awareness of the System called Racism and how different clients are impacted in different ways

  • Create a personal and organizational understanding of how unconscious bias dictates individual and organizational choices

  • Create a deeper understanding of how bias affects choices and creates results within organizations and communities

  • Foster an organizational culture that deeply values and celebrates diversity and inclusivity

3. Communicate Effectively

  • Use the tools of improvisation to navigate the situations where bias is perceived to occur

    • Active Listening built on listening attentively and intentively, accept participants’ offer with a yes, and… send back an offer to each other

    • Direct Communication reflecting the use of language appropriate to participants and that is respectful, anti-sexist, anti-racist

    • Use the tools of improvisation to ask and respond to powerful questions posed throughout the various exercises within the course

4. Cultivate Learning & Growth

  • Use the tools for the unconscious bias course to create awareness of personal biases  and organizational practice

  • Co-create actions designed to embed the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion within organizations

  • Access helpful supports and resources for learning how to have conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Practice applying coaching skills and tools from the course with a real case study

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This CUBCP curriculum has been approved by the International Coach Federation. Graduates of CUBCP are eligible to receive 48 hours of continuing education credits. 26 Core hours and 22 resource hours.

How you will learn:

1. You will learn experientially while incorporating theories to augment your learning journey. You will first apply the learning to yourself and then practice how to use with your clients by coaching other participants.

2. The CUBCP is built on the principles of adult learning. As adults, we bring knowledge and experience to our learning environments.  

3. The CUBCP is delivered synchronously and asynchronously.

4. The sessions are delivered weekly and are accompanied by ‘homework’ to cement your learning. Homework is built on the upcoming lesson so that you are prepared for each module.

5. Each module is built on the previous module cultivating a learning experience of growing one rung at a time.

6. Each module is 4.0 direct contact hours  with an additional .5 hours break.

7. All sessions are delivered live and online.



Weekly - January 27, 2022-March 17, 2022 Time: 1:00pm – 5:30pm CST Location: Online Or Weekly-May 5, 2022- June 23, 2022. Time: 5:00pm – 9:30pm CST Location: Online


What Makes This Program Unique?

1. CUBCP is designed on the principles and practices of public health, social justice, business and psychological health and safety in workplaces. These principles and practices are backed by years of research-based studies that proved each to be a valid way of creating knowledge and change.

2. The program focuses on creating a collective story around empowering diverse groups of peoples to use their voices and unique skills to contribute to building more psychologically safe and healthy workplaces and communities.

3. The CUBCP is based on the social determinants of health but takes a new view of seeing them not as facts to know, but as conditions to challenge and change. The CUBCP creates a new paradigm of looking at unconscious bias from a public health and social justice perspective. By doing this, it challenges participants to think new thoughts and act in new ways that ensures a more socially equitable world.

4. The CUBCP is designed for hands-on learning and incorporation of participants’ own lived experiences. You will experience hearing from and learning from each others’ experiences.

5. You will gain confidence as your knowledge of the deeper and more hidden aspects of unconscious bias are exposed.

6. By becoming more familiar with the principles and practices on which the CUBCP is built, you will become more adept in using a language of inclusion and equity. This allows you to better apply your knowledge and skills to the areas of life that resonate most with you.

7. The CUBCP is a great business opportunity for coaches either in private practice or working within organizations. The CUBCP offers a clear process/methodology for how to use the tools, knowledge and skills acquired in the program.

Your certification brings you in to a professional network of coaches committed to making structural social changes globally, nationally, and locally. You join a roster of inclusive coaches.

Certified Unconscious Bias Coach Program(CUBCP)

Winter and Spring 2022 Intake

Tuition Introductory fee: $799.00 CAD (Regular Fee: $3450.00)

The CUBCP runs from January 27, 2022 to March 17, 2022-Winter


May 5, 2022 to June 23, 2022-Spring



Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with my registration?

48 hours of ICF approved Continuing Coach Education. 26 Core and 22 Resource. In addition, you receive the Managing (Un)conscious Bias manual. You also get to practice with fellow participants to hone your skills in coaching around any sort of biases.

What is the time commitment?

For 8-weeks , you will need to commit to attending 4.5 hours of live online weekly training sessions ( .5 hours set aside for breaks). You will need to commit to 1 hour of reading and preparing for upcoming sessions.

How are the sessions structured?

There are 8 modules in the CUBCP. Each module has a number of sessions that follow the same process: Lecturette. Individual Reflection debrief exercise. Small group practice. Break. Large group debrief. Small group practice. Large group debrief. Homework assignment. Closing.

Which coaches would benefit most from this course?

Any coach looking to make a difference in this world by addressing social injustice and inequities. Coaches working in organizations or consulting to organizations. New coaches starting out in their careers and are seeking new tools and skills to set their business apart as a value added entity.  

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes. Your certificate will be issued by Ultimate Potentials along with the official ICF continuing coaching education logo.

What, if any, support is available for me after the training?

For a nominal fee, all coaches who have successfully graduated from the CUBCP program are eligible for mentoring. The team at Ultimate Potentials will work alongside the coach to support them in their journey of putting into practice what they learned in this course.

When does the program start?

The program starts January 27 - March 17, 2022 for a winter intake. Then starts May 5- June 23, 2022 for a spring intake.

Where do I access the program?

You may visit our website:

Meet Your Instructors: