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  • Is Your Organization Ready for Coaching?

For many organizations – establishing a coaching program for their employees has taken on an almost feverish pace.

More and more organizations know there is value to be had from having their people work with a coach.  This is true.

A properly established and administered coaching program can indeed bring about desired results for the organization.

Desired results: herein lies the secret to getting a meaningful and results-oriented coaching program established.

Too many organizations jump on the coaching bandwagon without first doing their homework. They bring in coaches and release them to ‘fix’ their problems.  The real problem here though is not having a clear and well-defined reason (s) for engaging a coach.

I have seen too many leaders get bogged down with multiple problems and challenges presented by their employees, customers, shareholders and government regulatory bodies. 

The other aspect to their problem is not knowing or making time to identify their values and aspirations.

Trying to figure the above out either by yourself or with your management team may work – if you are able to metaphorically look at your problems and challenges – as an objective and independent third party would.

If your problems are multi-pronged and you haven’t narrowed down your “why”: why do you do what you do as an organization. If you haven’t clearly defined your winning aspirations – then figuring out your desired results will likely become more of a problem than the desired solution you seek.

Herein lies the readiness of your organization for a seasoned executive coach.

Having a sounding board, an independent and objective set of eyes and brain working with you and your team has been shown to quickly move leaders from a problem focus to identifying and executing solutions.

Remember, to achieve your winning aspirations you must be clear on a multiple of moving parts and their role in your organization’s success.

Engaging an executive coach is a surefire way to move your organization from fire-fighting to being ready to experience success – if you’re ready.

Our purpose is to support organizations deliver consistent value to their customers & shareholders by developing purposeful employees.  Our webinars and courses introduce you to the processes  designed to help you and  your team  grow .

Here’s to loving how you live, work and play!

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