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I spent the past weekend in an online yoga and meditation retreat. It was a great learning experience for me, and it got me thinking about the resilience of the human spirit. Here I am with a group of people from all over Canada, learning together, meditating together, doing yoga together and sharing and learning with and from each other. Of course, the reality of the pandemic has made this way of interacting with each other ‘normal’.     

As I listened to my fellow participants share their journey to finding peace, many of which I could relate to, the awareness of the indomitable nature of the human spirit became even more crystal clear to me. As a work-life flow practitioner for the better part of my twenty-five-plus year career, I have heard many stories from my clients. I too have had many experiences that have challenged me, tempered me and many that have spurred me on to keep getting up and keep putting one foot in front of the other. After all, isn’t this what life expects of us? 

In hearing people’s stories about their many journeys, I have become adept at picking up the one underlying theme that connects us all. In my humble opinion, this theme comes down to one recurring desire, and that is: to get to know ourselves. On the surface, you may feel offended at the thought that I am implying you don’t know yourself. Well, on one hand, I am saying yes, you don’t know yourself, and on the other hand, I am saying you do-to a certain extent.  

The assignment that we have all been given that day when our parents welcomed us into this world is to get to know who we are. We were all given a lifetime to achieve it because it is a Big Hairy Audacious Goal of an assignment (BHAG).  This lifetime varies in length; some will have a longer due date, others a shorter due date for this assignment. No matter how much time we each have been given, it balances out as a lifetime of time. This due date is why I say none of us at this moment in time fully know ourselves.   

The nature of the due date for this assignment allows us to continue making edits and doing additional research to strengthen our thesis of who we think we are. Every day we get a chance to continue fully embracing the challenges and the accomplishments of life while recognizing that our fellow life mates are also our teachers along the way. Especially those who ‘rub us the wrong way’.  

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Your Turn!
I would love to hear your story about a ‘nugget’ of learning that contributed significantly to moving you forward in your assignment. What is this nugget? How did it helped get you closer to being more at ease with the question, who are you? Click here to submit your thoughts or leave a comment below!


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