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“If you feel you belong to a community, and that community makes you feel valued and accepted, you're more likely to be healthy” (Community Health and Wellbeing). 

The Spiritual Pillar of Ultimate Potentials is responsible for the connection to the energy within us, as well as our energy interacting with other individuals. This Pillar houses your true self and is where you connect to your source.

Whether we like it, love it, hate it, or shun it, modern technology is here to stay. Cell phones, tablets, and laptops (just to name a few of many), are a part of our daily lives. It is very easy to isolate yourself these days with the technology we have available to us—we can order just about anything online and many services are automated so that we do not have to have human interactions. You can even order your morning coffee with the internet! 

So, why should we use technology if it isolates us? Well, the important part to remember is that technology gives us the choice to isolate ourselves. Technology simply gives us many, many more options. If this is the case, then the inverse must also be true—if we can use technology to isolate ourselves, we must also be able to use it to connect. It depends on how we use technology. If we use it to forge connections with others, the possibilities become limitless. For those who are feeling isolated, there are many ways to connect through the internet. As a shy young adult, finding my tribe through comic book communities helped me find balance and support in my life. I got a chance to meet people and talk about all of the cool comic books I was reading. Having friends who also enjoyed the same things I do was an exhilarating, comforting experience. I never would have found those friends without the internet!  

By using technology to connect with others, we can discover that there is an entire world waiting for us. Anything that you are interested in—whether it be model trains or learning a new language—someone else out there is also just as passionate about it, and they’ve probably already started an online community revolving around it. If not, thanks to the wonders of technology, you have the freedom to do so yourself! Mutual interest is a great way to find connections online, whether it’s through fan communities, forums, social media… you can find your tribe by connecting with others via the internet through mutual interests. In the digital age, long distance relationships and friendships have become more accessible. It’s easy to find activities that you may find interesting, thanks to social media providing instant access to information about various social events. There are online services such as Meet-Up, which allow you to start or join community groups of all kinds. 

The moral of the story; there is no need to be fearful of technology. It is a tool, and we must use every tool we can to keep our mental health and our connections a priority. At Ultimate Potentials, we appreciate the value of having a tribe. Through our coaches and resources, we can help you find a community that is right for you! 

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