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The Physical Pillar of Ultimate Potentials is where you see all of the results of your work in the other three pillars. This pillar encompasses the physical manifestation of your mental state. This is where you can examine external factors in your life, such as financial life and significant relationships.


When we were children, we were all likely asked at least once what we wanted to be when we grew up. We were expected to look at a vast array of occupations and choose one that we might succeed in. Generally, most children pick something that they’re good at or something they enjoy doing.

As we get older, our own ideas about success evolve and mature with us but become more complicated and nuanced. It can become confusing to define your own version of personal success, but I think it becomes easier by answering this one question: what makes you feel happy and fulfilled? Could the answer be your own personal success?

What gives you joy?

Let’s take a minute to look at the big picture; all of us find joy and fulfillment in different ways. Some of us find happiness in being creative, some of us find happiness in nurturing many personal relationships, while others are content with focusing on cultivating their career. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what makes us happy, as long as we acknowledge and nurture the things that make us happy.

Are your personal goals aligned with the things that give you joy?

Maybe you really find your peace and contentment in gardening; this should be an important component in your life! Does your schedule allow you time to be out in the fresh air? Do you have space to practice your craft? If you love something, you should be aligning your goals to accommodate the things that make you happy.


My father, for example, is a dedicated cyclist, and he has developed his schedule in a way that allows him to spend his weekends cycling. His idea of success is working hard throughout the week so he can go on long bike rides over the weekend with his friends. This is his own personal version of success, and he’s made the change to make it possible.

Make the change!

Directing your goals towards your own personal version of success can be difficult, but ultimately, it’s just a game of figuring out what makes you happy and folding that into how you approach life. Consider how you can move forward to pursue your goals, while making sure that your goals make you happy. No matter what drives you, you can find your own version of personal success!

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