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  • coaching by the numbers

Without experiencing coaching, it’s hard to envision how it will impact your organization. 

Coaching gives your team a healthy way to address conflict at work. Your organization’s ability to communicate and solve problems directly impacts your bottom line. These intangible skills won’t show up in your books, but they impact your performance year after year. 

As we work to rebuild and recover from the current global situation, here are some numbers that highlight the impact coaching will have on your organization: 

1,500,000: Searches per month on Google from people and companies looking for life, business, and executive coaching. 

51%: Of respondents to a CPP Global survey revealed the primary cause of workplace conflict was personality conflicts. 49% reported warring egos, followed by stress (34%) and heavy workloads (33%). 

86%: Increase in productivity when training is combined with coaching. According to an internal report from the Personnel Management Association, the increase in productivity is only 22% when training is done alone. 

100: executives surveyed by Manchester Inc. reported that coaching provided an average ROI almost six times greater than the coast of coaching. 


700: Patients in a study by the Annals of Family Medicine were introduced to a help assessment tool. With the tool, the patients were better able to prioritize issues they wished to address, establish their readiness to change, and increase their level of self-determination - the same benefits organizations experience as a whole when they invest in coaching.

6: ways you can measure the value of coaching:

1.     Well-Being And Engagement 

2.     Performance Reviews  

3.     Impact On Business 

4.     Effectiveness Of Learning 

5.     ROI  

6.     Eq360 Assessments 

788%: Return On Investment. When MetrixGlobal decided to study the impact of executive coaching, they found that overall productivity and employee satisfaction were the most positively impacted areas. Their study also found that 77% of respondents agreed that coaching had a “significant impact on at least one of nine business measures.” 

Successful organizations use ongoing coaching because they understand their success as a company is directly tied to the individuals on their team. The ability to community and collaborate isn’t something that happens naturally on every team and in many cases needs to be encouraged. Coaching empowers the individuals on your team by giving them tools and strategies they can use to find overcome problems they encounter at work. Join our free Pathways Mastermind session for detailed look at the impact coaching will have on your organization.

34000: A Decisionwise Benchmark survey of 100,000 employees found that 34% do not speak up at work out of fear. 

18%: The annual turnover rate in 2016 according to Gallup Polls. Replacing employees can cost 150% of each employee's annual salary - far more than the cost of coaching. 

$960 billion: Money lost per year in productivity dips due to disengagement according to Gallup research. “Globally, the cost approaches $7 trillion.” 


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