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The Spiritual Pillar of Ultimate Potentials is responsible for the connection to the energy within us, as well as our energy interacting with other individuals. This Pillar houses your true self and is where you connect to your source.


“Loneliness can create more loneliness. For example, loneliness can make you feel like you don’t fit in, which only makes it harder to reach out. This might seem to confirm that you really don’t fit in, which can make you feel even lonelier. Loneliness can be difficult, but it’s still just a feeling. It can be changed. When you challenge feelings of loneliness or start to make changes in your life, the cycle of “loneliness thinking” starts to break down” - CMHA

All of us deal with unpleasant situations differently. Some of us disappear inwards when we are struggling, finding it easier to isolate ourselves. I myself am one of those people and have had to learn to not close myself off from friends and family when I am struggling.

So, what is the reason for the many ways we deal with unpleasant situations? Could it simply be a matter of not having the motivation or time to interact with other people? Or, the way we were socialized from an early age? There are infinite reasons why we may isolate ourselves, but the loneliness that we experience as a result is universal. 

Loneliness is a pressing issue that affects many people. We live in a society that asks us to be in constant competition with each other and to focus on our own personal growth. This is not always negative, of course, but this kind of competition can feel alienating and lonely to many people. To combat the stress of these kinds of expectations, it is important to see the value in human interaction. One way we can try to achieve this is to build a strong community around ourselves. 

Though it may be difficult at times, making an effort to build an external community can benefit us when we are in need of support of any kind. A community can bring you out of hiding and provide you with love and support. Being alone may be easier for some, especially introverts or those with fears of social situations. Though there is a lot of value in solitude, without a balance between the social and the solitary, loneliness and self doubt can creep into our minds. 

Community can come in many different forms, and everyone can find communities that suit them best. Having a strong community can help a strong support system for situations when you need support, from grieving a loved one, to having someone to water your plants while you’re on vacation.

We all need people around us, and we can choose who we include in our community, and how we nurture it. A story told to me by an aunt, upon the passing of a loved one: members of the community far and wide would gather every day from sundown to sunset for 9 days in a row. This was to provide comfort, support, and to share in the loss with the family.

So, what does it mean to get involved with your community? This can mean just about anything—volunteering at an animal shelter, joining a walking group, taking a casual night class, getting involved with local events… anything that gets you to engage with others.

During my undergraduate degree, I found my tribe in my school’s English society. I didn’t start loving my time at university until I built that community of close friends (some who are now friends for life!). From my own experience, I can say that building a community enriches your life. Embrace your tribe to get more out of your experiences! If you’re trying to build your community, you are on your journey towards your Ultimate Potentials. 

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