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  • Fun! (On a Budget)

The Physical Pillar of Ultimate Potentials is where you see all of the results of your work in the other three pillars. This pillar encompasses the physical manifestation of your mental state. This is where you can examine external factors in your life, such as financial life and significant relationships. 

There are many things that can be stressful about building your career —finding the right job, getting the right job, balancing both your professional and personal life… sometimes, it can all be a bit overwhelming. Then, on top of that, financial strain can take a toll on those who have not been able to build a stable income yet. You may find yourself in financial distress, making the stress of building your career even more noticeable, and it may be hard to figure out ways to keep your mental wellbeing in a good place. How can you keep enjoying your life while also being financially conscious? 

Firstly, it can help to acknowledge the emotional strain that financial strain can cause. Being financially insecure can cause stress in many aspects of your life. For example, it can be difficult to eat healthy or travel around your city if you are experiencing financial distress.

Finances are what we turn to for stability and security in the physical sense, so it only makes sense that it would affect your mental state as well if you are financially insecure. If your car makes a strange noise when you know you are going to need to pay rent, that will occupy your mind until it is resolved. 

Start off the week with a realistic budget that considers your need for personal time. If you can afford a very small personal self care budget, you should. Even $5 a week can help you mentally and physically. However, there are times when financial strain is so difficult that there is no wiggle room in the budget.

So, the question then becomes, how do we give ourselves enjoyment when finances are too tight for any kind of negotiation? Well, there are many things to do for free in your city, no matter where you live! Many local community events are accessible for all ages and people from various financial backgrounds, and many are often held at community centres and libraries.

Volunteer. Geo-caching is a fun hobby that requires only your phone and a taste for scavenger hunts. Host a movie night for friends. Participate in a neighbourhood clean-up. The options are endless!

At the end of the day, even if we cannot afford extravagance, everyone deserves enjoyment (including you!). It contributes to our overall health, after all, so shouldn’t we all do our best to take care of that aspect of our lives?

So, even if your mind is clouded with the stress of financial strain, take a moment to consider what you can do for free (or, very inexpensively), and take care of your mental health with some well-deserved fun. 

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