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  • Feel Like You Can’t Keep up With Life? The Bullet Journal May Be for You!

The Mental Pillar of Ultimate Potentials encompasses how we think in certain situations. We like to think of this pillar as a filing cabinet where we store our beliefs and fears, as well as our thoughts about our past, present, and future. This pillar must be trained to stop holding us back by keeping us in the past, continuously considering all of the “what if’s” of life. By training this pillar, we can learn to live in the present. 

[The] Bullet Journal® is a methodology. It's best described as a mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system. It's designed to help you organize your what while you remain mindful of your why” (The Bullet Journal).  

In a fast paced, hectic society, organization is an invaluable asset. It may feel sometimes that others have the whole “being organized” schtick figured out much better than ourselves. Being organized can be difficult for certain people, and that can increase stress and decrease productivity in our daily lives. Many have given solutions to this problem, but one that stands out among all the fads, is the bullet journal. 

So, what is a bullet journal? Well, the good news is that it can be anything you want it to be! This handy little book of lists, calendars, and more, can be infinitely customized to suit your needs. It is a methodology for organizing and tracking your schedule, thoughts—just about anything you need to keep tabs on. It is endlessly flexible and can be used for its simplicity or can be re-envisioned creatively to suit anyone’s needs.  

To give a quick explanation of how it works; this system teaches you how to use your own notebook to organize tasks with lists, trackers, and schedules. You can keep track of your schedule and cut out the stress of being disorganized by planning in advance. It is customizable to your needs, whether you need to track your goals, budget, habits, food intake, exercise, and so on.

These organizational pages are called “spreads” in the bullet journaling world, and many people have come up with many examples of how it can be customized. A few that I am personally implementing this year are a mood tracker (to keep note of my energy levels and how I’ve been feeling throughout the week), and food intake (so I can watch what food I’m eating and remind myself if I need to eat my vegetables!). 

Bullet journaling can easily become a part of your daily self care routine. It may be helpful to set aside a time in the day to fill out your spreads and create some new ones. Perhaps it would energize you to wake up in the morning and fill out an entry in your gratitude journal spread, or maybe it can help you remember to take any medication you may need.

The act of organizing and creating a journal experience for yourself can be, well, it can be fun. Again, it can be anything you want it to be, which means you can explore creative ideas and create spreads that are unique, artistic, and interesting. Break out those art supplies that are gathering dust! 

So, why bother? Well, for many of us, if you can identify what causes you stress, you may be able to better tackle these issues. It can help you stay organized in achieving your goals. Knowledge and awareness are powerful when it comes to your mental health. It can help you keep organized to optimize productivity, or even to remind you to engage in self care activities. Both are important for us to include in our daily lives, so why not try bullet journaling to keep it all straight?

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