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Current global concerns around COVID-19 makes a strong case for organizations now more than ever, to put the psychological health of their employees and their families at the forefront.  

I applaud those leaders who have already taken positive actions, such as allowing employees to work from home. There are those who are taking advantage of virtual communication platforms. These steps go a long way to reduce any negative psychological impact on their employees.

One key need of employees in the realm of feeling psychologically safe and protected is for them to know through words and actions, that their employers care about them. Three ways employers can do this are:

1. Clear Leadership & Expectation
2. Psychological protection and
3. Protection of physical safety

Source: Guarding Minds at Work. Gilbert, Bilsker, Shain & Samra, 2018.

For employees in roles with heavy public contact, the above 3 points are critical for their sense of well-being. Not only are they especially vulnerable-both from COVID-19, but they are also vulnerable to the psychological stress and anxiety that go with any customer-related role.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb wrote about the Black Swan effect in his book of the same title. This effect is one in which 3 criteria are present:

1. Rarity   
2. Extreme impact and 
3. Retrospective predictability.  

Current global COVID-19 impact may or may not fit all 3 criteria - I think it does and here’s why. 

I see the future impact (retrospective predictability) resulting in more organizations re-considering how they deliver services such as training, certain conferences/tradeshows, coaching sessions and meetings.

With about 30-40% of organizations in Western countries still putting heavy emphasis on face-to-face training and coaching sessions, and an even higher percentage globally, on face-to-face training and meetings, I see a shift to using more of the virtual training and meeting software products already available.

Virtual meeting and training rooms have improved their quality of service and ability to mimic in-person training (of course, it’s not 100% the same!)

For the past 8 years, Ultimate Potentials has taken advantage of virtual platforms with our global and local clients. We have become quite proficient in the nuances of delivering a training or coaching session in this medium.

To support organizations and their employee's transition through this global shift of how work occurs, we offer support to those organizations not sure where to start or how to expand their current practices into the virtual platform realm.

Employees who feel psychologically safe and healthy are more likely to be engaged and support organizational goals. Please visit our website: or take advantage for yourself and your employees of our affordable email/text coaching services by clicking here:

Here’s to living and working at your ultimate potential!

Special article by:
Phyllis Reid-Jarvis, CEO at Ultimate Potentials

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