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Listening to your employees is one of the best ways to encourage growth in your organization. 2017 data from Salesforce found that “employees who feel their voice is heard at work are nearly five-times (4.6X) more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work.”

Empowered employees take their role seriously, which positively impacts productivity levels and your organization's return on investment.

Here are 3 ways your organization can grow simply by listening to your employees.

1. An Inclusive Environment Helps You Retain Young Workers

Research in the study from Salesforce noted that “commitment to equality and inclusiveness is becoming a competitive differentiator for companies seeking to attract and retain a new generation of talent.” 

The new generation of employees entering the workforce have clear ideas on how work needs to work within their life. A 2018 survey of over 3000 workers found that “More than 80% of millennials say they seriously consider how a position will affect their work-life balance” In comparison, only 62% of older workers agreed.

Young employees make it easier for your organizations to adapt to new technologies, and they aren’t afraid to learn on the job. Younger employees also tend to be more affordable, and they present the opportunity to develop people that can grow with your company. Creating opportunities to work at home and offering flexible scheduling are ways your organization can reap the benefits of working with the next generation of employees.

2. Listening Builds Trust

Employees who feel heard trust that the effort they put into their job will be rewarded. In 2019, LinkedIn found employees who don’t feel respected and empowered only have a 35% chance of staying with your organization. Taking action on suggestions from your employees is a great way to demonstrate trust and respect.

Trust is an important building block in your organization’s culture and will influence your ability to keep high performers on your team. In a Harvard Business Review study, researchers found that "employees who claimed to feel trusted at work reported that they were 74% less stressed and had 106% more energy.” You can expect trust to pay off in a more productive workforce.

3. Empowered Employees Have Better Relationships With Managers

Frequent communication between managers and employees is a great way to build trust. Performance reviews held yearly breed unnecessary fear and anxiety in employees - who knows what to expect?

A 2013 Gallup poll of over 8000 employees found that engagement-focused managers experience a 65% lower turnover compared to workgroups with low engagement. Data from Gallup also "found that engagement is highest among employees who have some form (face to face, phone or digital) of daily communication with their managers.”

One of the benefits of having a healthy relationship with managers is the increased clarity employees receive. Clarity lets employees know what’s expected of them and what markers they need to reach to advance in their position. A 2018 article from the Centre of Research, Knowledge, and Innovation in the Netherlands found that clearly communicating the goals, values, and practical contributions of the organization can deliberately influence how employees perceive their work and how the objectives of their work connect to their intrinsic values and beliefs.  

Creating an inclusive environment, building trust by ensuring employees feel heard and providing ongoing coaching, are three proven ways an organization will win with its employees.

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