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  • Balance - Not Just for the Jedi!

The Physical Pillar of Ultimate Potentials is where you see all of the results of your work in the other three pillars. This pillar encompasses the physical manifestation of your mental state. This is where you can examine external factors in your life, such as financial life and significant relationships. 

Balance, whether we’re talking about the Force or our mental and physical wellbeing, should be a staple in each of our lives. Though it may at times seem impossible, there is a lot of value in trying to build a well-rounded life. In our hectic daily lives, balance can be the key to staying healthy. 

The first step to living a balanced, healthy lifestyle is noticing when there are imbalances present in your life. You must train yourself to notice these imbalances, and to take note when you are missing something essential in your daily life. You may feel mentally drained one week, and upon examination, you realize you have not spent any time alone in days. Or, perhaps you haven’t seen your friends and family in a while.

Instead, you’ve been stuck in a cycle of only a few activities, such as working, sleeping, and eating… the things we generally consider to be the “essentials” of life. Though these things are important, we must begin to think of leisure and recreational time as essentials. Yes, it’s true; having fun and relaxation is an important and essential part of a healthy lifestyle! 

So, once you’ve started making note of imbalances in your life, what next? Well, it can be helpful to then make a note of your priorities. Consider which aspect of your life feels unbalanced. Are you not spending enough time with family, or are you not spending enough time on work? Awareness of your own mental state and its relation to your physical surroundings makes all the difference when it comes to prioritizing your time.

I gained some perspective from a friend once when they told me they make their leisure time a part of their scheduleliterally. Leisure is in their date planner and everything! Reading a book before bed is just as important to them as brushing their teeth, because they feel that both contribute to their overall health. Now, this isn’t to say that we should all schedule our leisure time. However, we can all take inspiration from the practice of acknowledging your own needs and making them a priority.

Imbalances in your life can affect your entire well-being if you are not careful, and the problem will likely not dissipate until you have realigned and balanced your life. Sometimes, we must plan to make sacrifices. In the end, though, it’s worth it because you are allowing yourself the ability to be a healthier version of yourself. 

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