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Since 2020, I have started inviting folks into my daily practices. One such practice is carving out the first two hours of waking up for 100% me time.  The first hour is divided into meditation and journaling. The second hour is dedicated to physical exercise.

Meditation, for me, is sitting in silence, observing my thoughts and reflecting on my actions. Over the decades, it has evolved into sitting silently, connecting with my Source through this deliberate practice. 

I get powerful downloads and uploads from spending time in silence. 

I intend for all leaders to get this; you are an example of good, bad or neutral to the people in your charge. Like it or not, they watch your every action much more than what you say.  
How can you fulfill this important responsibility you have been gifted with?  I learned from being a wife, mother, leader, friend, volunteer and the many other roles I play that I must first lead myself if I am going to have any level of positive impact in these roles. This is one of the ways to make work work for me. 

This led me to join the early risers club more than twenty years now. Rising before the household helps set the tone for the day, you will experience. Becoming a member of this club has allowed me precious time to observe and reflect on the previous day and how I intend for the current day to unfold.  

Journaling the thoughts and capturing the insights received is gold for anyone wanting time to think and clarify their thoughts. It allows you to move out of your head and tap into the rest of your innate intelligence via your heart, gut and whole being. 

It only works if you invest those precious early moments 100% into yourself. This is where being a member of the early risers club gets challenging. Not only are you invited to rise early, usually between 4:30 am and 5:30 am, a challenge in itself. You are also challenged to use this time only for your self-development. 

Rising early to try and get ahead of work, be it paid work or housework, saps your energy and general creativity. This is unsustainable. It may also lead to resentment and a sense of not getting ahead for some people. 

Investing in yourself creates energy to support those in your charge. You are better able to facilitate their growth and development. The more you pour into yourself, the more energy you have to give to others.  Rest assured; you are not selfish; you are practising the art and science of self-leadership when you become a member of the early risers club. 

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