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  • What Can Leaders Learn From Fathers?

As we start a new work week having just celebrated Father's Day, can leaders learn anything from the roles fathers play? 

Those of us lucky enough to have our fathers in our lives can see the many different responsibilities they have on their shoulders. Beyond creating a healthy and happy environment for their family through their behaviour, they also have the shared responsibility of financially supporting the family. Creating a psychologically and financially stable environment for your family is a task that requires a lot of commitment and discipline. 

In the context of a family (including a work-family), discipline and reliability are closely related. Showing up every day for the people who count on you is how fathers display discipline in their daily lives. This discipline builds trust and a sense of expectation from all family members. 

This discipline is something I was able to witness personally from my father. Whether it was time spent away from the family due to a sales job or time spent picking up extra shifts at the hospital, I always knew I could count on my dad to be doing something for the family. Even times he was away, he would still keep us in the loop with phone calls to maintain communication. 

These are simple yet crucial habits leaders can learn from fathers.  Building trust starts with consistent behaviour, which helps your employees know what to expect from your leaders. Having the discipline to act in accordance with company values and use mindfulness tools to solve conflicts are critical habits for healthy leadership.  Consistent leadership empowers your employees to take the initiative since they're familiar with your preferences. Inconsistent leadership causes employees to hesitate and even act in fear due to unpredictable behaviours or dramatic mood swings that come from undisciplined leaders. 

Communication is another quality leaders can embrace from fathers. Many leaders run into trouble because their audio and video aren't in alignment. They may say one thing but act in a way that causes people to doubt their words. Of course, as humans its difficult to be perfect all the time, which is where communication comes into play. On days my dad knew he wouldn’t be around, he would always make sure to call my brother and I before we went to bed. As a leader you may not be required to explain yourself, but it goes a long way to helping your employees understand and respect your decisions. 

Helping leaders embrace discipline, and effective communication skills are among the many topics discussed in our Mental Health is Everybody's Business: Strategies for Maintaining Mental Health. Starting July 6th, this course will create a safe and supportive space for participants to learn what it takes to sustain healthy families and organizations. Click here for more information: 


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