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21st century

Managing A 21st Century Workforce

Our experienced trainers and coaches work closely with you to help you put in place sustainable solutions to address the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical needs of your employees. By providing you with critical tools and coaching skills to tangibly address your employees’ needs, our Program helps you and your employees meld their work and home lives and establish a healthy work-life flow.

Early Bird Pricing:  *$295.00 ($395.00) until August 10th,2021

Course Dates: September 8th & 9th

Time: 12:00pm - 4:00pm CST

Location: Online

Module 1: Can we do better than survive?


  • Introduce the continuum of working in a diverse, dispersed and constantly changing environment
  • Examine the dynamic and multi-dimensional impact of uncertainty on individuals and organizations
  • Examine how TRUST shows up in workplaces and the subtle often unconscious ways it is upheld or eroded
  • Tools and techniques to manage being your whole self at work, home, and community

Module 2: Creating Psychologically Safe & Healthy Homes & Work Spaces


  • The four foundations for building psychologically safe and healthy homes & work spaces
  • Why employees don't share knowledge and what you can do about it
  • Fostering emotional health and mental health competency by closing the knowing and doing gap
  • Tools and techniques to embed psychological safety within workplaces, homes, and communities


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