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ISO 30415 – Why Is Certification Important?

ISO 30415 is an international standard published in 2021 that covers human resource management, diversity, and inclusion.

Diverse and inclusive workplaces are primed to attract talented employees with a wide range of skills. Research from McKinsey shows that companies certified in ISO diversity and inclusion are 37% "more likely to outperform their competitors." 

Companies that practice inclusive decision-making can better serve their customers and innovate to overcome problems.

In 2020 alone, companies paid $439 million in fines from discrimination charges and lawsuits filed against employers. Research from Gallup also shows employee turnover "costs companies more than $1 trillion per year." These fines and loss in income come from a lack of understanding of how to make employees feel valued for who they are, a critical part of building a healthy workplace. 



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Why Should Your Organization Get ISO 30415 Certified?

Increased awareness in all interactions. Awareness is a powerful skill that helps your team create enjoyable experiences and a safe work environment. ISO 30415 can open your eyes to gaps in your organization that limit your ability to build connections with your employees and customers. Awareness increases understanding and sensitivity to different cultures, genders, and more, which is vital to creating an inclusive work environment.

Become better able to retain talent. Many companies struggle to realize why they can't retain talented employees. Research from Gallup found that "A 100-person organization that provides an average salary of $50,000 could have turnover and replacement costs of approximately $660,000 to $2.6 million per year." These turnover and replacement costs are directly related to the work environment and attitudes employees encounter while on the job. The ISO 30415 certification process gives you the opportunity to assess your current diversity, equity, and inclusion level while working with an executive coach to fill gaps.

Reduce your risk of lawsuits. Data from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found that over "$439 million in fines from discrimination charges and lawsuits" were filed against employers in 2020 alone. Companies end up in these situations due to a lack of diversity and understanding at the top level of the organization, which is reflected in the attitudes and behaviours of the rest of the staff. ISO 30415 helps develop diversity and equity talent from within your company. With the coaching and consulting provided during the certification process, your senior staff will find themselves better equipped to maintain a safe and equitable working environment.

Where did ISO 30415 come from?

ISO 30415 is an international standard published in 2021 that covers human resource management, diversity, and inclusion. The ISO 30415 certification process acts as a guideline that organizations can use to develop safe work environments while demonstrating their commitment to diversity and inclusion. With the information and standards introduced in  IS0 30415, organizations can address gaps in their systems, policies, and practices that inadvertently create inequalities.

ISO 30415 is an internationally recognized standard that any company can apply to their operations. Certification supports organizations in their diversity and inclusion efforts by providing guidance on key aspects of developing an inclusive workplace. ISO 30415 introduces procedures for creating diversity and inclusion objectives, identifying risks and opportunities, and developing actions, measures, and desired outcomes.

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How Does ISO 30415 Help Your Team Support Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion?

Safe and diverse work environments help employees feel like they belong. Employees in these types of work environments can better draw on their unique backgrounds, skills, and experiences, creating an influx of innovation and creative ideas. Research from Harvard Business Review found that "inclusive decision-making processes result in 60% improved business decisions." Additional research from Boston Consulting Group finds that organizations "with diverse management teams generate 19% higher revenue due to innovation."

Creating these innovative environments requires more than a surface-level commitment to diversity and inclusion. ISO 30415 certification helps organizations embed the principles of diversity and inclusion within their policies and actions. The ISO 30415 standard considers the uniqueness of every company and then introduces actions, principles, and measures used to track diversity and inclusion efforts.


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